Applying SSL Certificates

Once the certificate has been provided by the certificate issuer, the .pfx (or other) files should be securely saved alongside the certificate request (csr) and key.

The next step is to raise a support ticket to arrange for the password to be securely transferred and a time for AppsAnywhere to apply the certificate.

If SSL can be terminated at the load balancer and the certificates hosted there, then a ticket should still be raised so that the AppsAnywhere customer record can be updated.

Renewing SSL Certificates

When certificates are renewed, they will need to be updated on the services that host them, whether this is the load balancer or the servers (AppsAnywhere, Cloudpagging or Parallels RAS).

If they are hosted on the load balancer, the team that manges the load balancer will be repsonsible for updating the certificates. This is possible without intervention form AppsAnywhere Support.

Otherwise, new certificates will need to be saved in the AppsAnywhere share, or one of the servers. A support ticket should then be raised to arrange a time for a member of the AppsAnywhere Support team to connect and apply the update. No service outage is required, providing the load balancer is setup with health checks.