Linking AppsAnywhere to a cloudpaging environment is a great way to provide your users access to on-demand, virtualized applications through AppsAnywhere. This section will cover all aspects of managing the link between AppsAnywhere and cloudpaging

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Cloudpaging offers you one of the best ways to deliver Windows applications to your end users as it allows them to have an application running as if it was locally installed on their device in next to no time. AppsAnywhere can be linked to multiple Cloudpaging environments, if required and both local and externally hosted environments are supported. 

This section will take you through all the functionality relating to linking AppsAnywhere with a Cloudpaging environment.

  1. Viewing Cloudpaging Environments

  2. Adding a Cloudpaging Environment
  3. Editing a Cloudpaging Environment
  4. Deleting a Cloudpaging Environment