The first part to setting up an application in AppsAnywhere is adding all the application's meta data. In this article we will look at how you begin the process of configuring a new application.

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In AppsAnywhere, an application is a generic, top-level entity which consists only of a set of meta data that describes it. 

Create a new application

From the Manage Applications page, click the + Add button to begin adding a new application.

You will now see the application management page, which has a number of tabs that allow you to manage all the various aspects of that application. In this article, we'll focus on the first tab; the Details tab. 

Enter application details

Form Field NameExplanationExpected ValueExample
TitleThe name of your applicationEnter the name most commonly used for the applicationWord 2016
VendorThe application vendorThe name of the software vendor that produces the applicationMicrosoft
DescriptionA description of the application

This is usually a summary of the application's function and main features. HTML tags are supported in this field should you wish to format the information for display in the portal.

Include any key words that people may use to search for this application to help them find it quickly.

<p>One of the most popular word processing applications, excellent for taking notes, creating documents and writing letters.</p>

<p><ul><li>Available for Windows users to install on and off-campus.</li><li>Can be launched in-browser by non-Windows users.</li></ul></p>

Expiration DateThe date on which the application expiresUsually you would enter the date on which the license that you have purchased for the application expires.1/1/16
Expiration ActionThe action to take on the above date when the application expires

There are four options available:

  • Never Expire - Ignore the above date, the application will not expire
  • Notify Only - This will send you an e-mail reminder before the date that your license may need renewing but users will still have access to the application
  • Expire With Notice - The system will send you an e-mail, as above, but the application will no longer be accessible to users until you update the app details
  • Expire Without Notice - Application will expire without you receiving an e-mail

Expire with notice

Given that this is commercial software, users should have no access after the specified expiration date.

RegionsThe regions to which the application usage should be restrictedThe permissible regions will usually be defined in your license agreement with the software vendor, you should check the agreement carefully to ensure your selections comply with your licenseUnited Kingdom only

Save the application

Once you have entered all of the relevant details of the application, hit the Save button button.

Providing there are no issues with the data you entered, you will then be moved along to the Delivery Methods tab.

Take a look at Adding delivery methods for what to do next. 

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