To remove an application from AppsAnywhere:

  1. Navigate to Manage Applications

  2. Click Delete from the Manage Applications list to delete an application.

    • This also removes all associated sessions and delivery method data associated with the application. 

  3. If you deleted a Cloudpaged app / delivery method and now wish to delete the appset from your Cloudpaging infrastructure, follow the steps on the How to Delete a Cloudpaged Application in AppsAnywhere article.

  1. When deleting Cloudpaged apps, it is important to follow all steps in order to avoid errors. If you remove the appset (.stp) from your repository before removing it via the AppsAnywhere and Cloudpaging admin portals, a support call will be required to resolve the resulting error.

  2. Be careful not to load up the "New Virtualized Application" option or click the new application "Refresh" button in AppsAnywhere while you are in the process of removing a Cloudpaged application. This will upload any applications in the repository waiting to be uploaded, which may include the one you are trying to remove.