An External Service provides the ability to integrate with SSO services that do not necessarily conform to any existing standards. The AppsAnywhere token method is one such example, which can be used in conjunction with this method to provide users with a link to the external service that will return the valid AppsAnywhere token and perform authentication on the user's behalf.

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AppsAnywhere supports adding an External Token Provider to cover scenarios not covered elsewhere, it can be used programmatically to integrate any custom applications you may have with AppsAnywhere.

Integrating with an external services requires a token to be set up. To set up a token, follow the step outlines in the Token-Based Integration documentation. Once you have a token configured, you can integrate this token with an external service.

Useful Information

The options found in the Associate to Incoming Token field relate to the friendly names of the tokens you have set up.

Adding External Services

If you are unfamiliar with the process for adding new SSO methods, steps for doing this and information about common settings associated with all SSO methods can be found on the Single Sign-On Settings page. When selecting which method to add however, be sure to pick from the External Service (Custom) category, and select External Token Provider.


External Service Specific Settings

FieldDescriptionIntended ValueExample
Authentication URL

The base URL of your chosen provider, which paths are appended to when determining each full URL.


A standard well-formed URL, ideally with no trailing slash, e.g.

For Azure AD, this will typically not need changing from the default.

 Associate to Incoming Token  A token from the list of tokens added in the Token category. The token contains encrypted details about the authenticated user and is passed from your system to AppsAnywhere to initiate login on their behalf. The token you wish to use to integrate the external service. 




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