If you need to review or edit any of the applications you have defined in AppsAnywhere, the first thing you will need to do is find them!

Viewing Applications

Navigate to the Manage Applications page:

  1. Log into AppsAnywhere as an admin user

  2. Cick on Return to Admin to access the AppsAnywhere admin portal

  3. On the navigation menu at the top of the page, go to Applications > Manage Applications

Here you will see a full list of applications currently defined in AppsAnywhere. 

From this page you can: 

  • Click the + Add button in the top right to create a new application - See Creating an application

  • Click the Edit button next to an application to modify the details of that application - See Editing an application

  • Click the Delete button next to an application to delete that application

Useful Tip

If you have a large number of applications, you can use the live search feature (in the top right hand corner of the table) to quickly find the entry you are looking for.


Making changes to applications that are being actively used by users may impact on their experience. Be very careful with any changes you make to active applications.