These release notes contain a high level list of changes made to each version of AppsAnywhere

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Version 2.6.0 (Current Version)

Release Date: December 2018


  • AA-323: Citrix Receiver (Workspace App) Integration for Windows managed devices
  • AA-322: Add ability to present End User License Agreements on first use of AppsAnywhere 
  • AA-663: Provide auditing functionality for all changes made in AppsAnywhere admin
  • AA-1041: Provide more granular administrator roles (e.g. global admin, system admin, app admin)
  • AA-1109: Add ability to launch Parallels RAS apps using iOS native client
  • AA-1111: Add ability to launch Parallels RAS apps using Linux native client
  • AA-1112: Add ability to launch Parallels RAS apps using Android native client
  • AA-828: OS compatibility recognition for XBox and Playstation 
  • AA-996: OS compatibility recognition for Debian Linux
  • AA-497: Add OS compatibility setting for "other" (unrecognised) OSs
  • AA-1010: Improve support for IE and Edge on Windows touch-screen devices
  • AA-1081: Accessibility enhancement: Provide "skip to content" button when site receives focus
  • AA:1083: Accessibility enhancement: Make the main application list accessible through keyboard navigation
  • AA-1085: Accessibility enhancement: Make the user profile menu and associated areas accessible through keyboard navigation
  • AA-1279: Accessibility enhancement: Make the welcome tour accessible through keyboard navigation
  • AA-1094: Accessibility enhancement: Improve the ability for users to make use of AppsAnywhere using speech recognition tools
  • AA-1097: Accessibility enhancement: Make AppsAnywhere more accessible to those using screen readers
  • AA-1188: Mask the Swivel Two-Factor Authentication PIN on the 2FA input dialog
  • AA-1203: Send AppsAnywhere URL to client during validation to avoid the need for a call to the central API
  • AA-1285: Add a simple way to check that all translation files are up to date following an upgrade


  • AA-1135: Compatibility issue with Cloudpaging 9.1.5 server

  • AA-1135: Anonymous users being recorded in Cloudpaging reporting data

  • AA-693: Unable to launch multiple apps from the same Cloudpaging package
  • AA-1287: User interface making too many context calls to the server when a large number of apps exist 
  • AA-1012: App icons not being correctly displayed in large grid view
  • AA-1277: Reporter cache can be manually regenerated for current or future dates, causing issues with future caching
  • AA-651: A large number of app sessions can overload the manage apps sessions page

Known Issues

There are several known issues with the new Parallels Native Client integration for iOS, Android and Linux that have been released
with this version in the hope that they are resolved by updates to the Parallels Clients before the next version of AppsAnywhere is released

  • Users must re-enter their password when launching apps on iOS and Android
  • Launch parameters cannot be sent to apps installed on the server using the parallels native client on iOS, Android or Linux
  • Cloudpaging apps cannot be launched through the parallels native client on iOS, Android or Linux
  • Support for the Android native client on Chromebooks is currently limited to ARM devices (not x86)
  • Use of the Android native client on Chromebooks is currently untested

Version 2.5.0 

Release Date: 29th June 2018


  • AA-657: Jamf Pro Integration
  • AA-533: Expand the SSO capabilities of AppsAnywhere
  • AA-942: AppsAnywhere Client Detection
  • AA-208: Ability to change launch button text
  • AA-522: Change default value of 'Prefetch All' setting when offline usage is selected for Cloudpaging delivery methods
  • AA-746: Allow setting of 'Licence Invalidation Time' value for Cloudpaging delivery methods
  • AA-521: Allow setting of 'Remove on Expiration' value for Cloudpaging delivery methods
  • AA-741: Add confirmation to mass app session evictions and expirations
  • AA-512: Provide ability to select default auth location
  • AA-294: Provide additional information when managing applications

  • AA-383: Allow more IP CIDR ranges in general settings

  • AA-850: Reduce the number of database calls made when loading app config
  • Added support for iOS 12, macOS 10.14 and Android 9.0


  • AA-769: App expiration date affected by delivery method settings

  • AA-755: Cloudpaged Parallels apps do not launch on macOS

  • AA-739: Delivery method friendly name not used on upgrade list page

  • AA-691: Take a tour: not working when suppression is in place

  • AA-683: Desktop icons not displayed correctly in Internet Explorer

Version 2.4.0

Released: 16th February 2018


  • AA-317: Ability to monitor status of and manage Zend Server license from within AppsAnywhere
  • AA-327: Allow admins to restrict access to delivery methods based on associated Active Directory records
  • AA-327: Allow admins to restrict access to delivery methods based on whether or not the device is a laptop
  • AA-517: Ability to offer users access to help and support information from the AppsAnywhere dashboard
  • AA-299: Ability to add custom rolling banner images to the AppsAnywhere dashboard
  • AA-504: Ability to bulk manage Cloudpaging app sessions


  • AA-649: State of check boxes not properly reflected on first page load, only on refresh

  • AA-534: Timeout issues when trying to refresh the available Cloudpaging applications list

  • AA-532: Cannot enable front end caching

  • AA-529: Selectable date range not updated when switching from 'Never Expire' to any other setting

  • AA-527: Cloudpaging patch version is incorrectly reset when editing a delivery method

  • AA-526: Launch command not updating correctly when editing Cloudpaging delivery methods

  • AA-525: Editing Cloudpaging delivery methods creates a duplicate

  • AA-511: VMware Horizon delivery methods do not support brackets in Resource Name field

  • AA-510: Unable to set UNC path for a Secure Download delivery method

  • AA-500: Users cannot login if their password contains special characters

  • AA-488: Unable to delete a delivery method if it is part of an upgrade

  • AA-448: Previous session are not correctly terminated when logging in via SSO

  • AA-385: Unexpected error thrown if device lookup fails in domain

  • AA-549: Dependencies pop-up has a missing translation

  • AA-530: Client download screen translation issue

  • AA-671: Reporting users to not have a link to access reporter
  • AA-645: Domain membership not correctly detected on mac OS
  • AA-487: Cloudpaging DMs do not reflect newly-added patch versions (see notes)
  • Added support for Andriod Oreo

Version 2.3.0

Released: 16th October 2017


  • Parallels RAS Integration (remote apps and desktops)
  • AA-320: Multi-lingual Support
  • AA-313: Interactive Welcome Tour, Hints and Tips
  • AA-204: Hub-specific reporting for shared Cloudpaging environments
  • AA-306: Ability to name delivery methods to ease administration
  • AA-298: Ability to specify custom launch commands for Cloudpaging delivery methods
  • AA-318: Integration with S2Library for selection of app icons from the community repository
  • AA-301: User can now have layout and language preferences persist across devices
  • AA-300: New dependency option for automatic without user popups
  • AA-458: Official support for Chrome OS


  • AA-490: Missing support for mac OS High Sierra
  • AA-485: Missing support for iOS 11
  • AA-329: OS Compatibilities not being correctly summarized when editing a delivery method
  • AA-328: Incorrect counts shown in filter menu when OS compatibility is not 100% across all versions
  • AA-307: DB port required during setup making it difficult to configure instance connections
  • AA-297: MAC device descriptions of more than 32 characters break validation
  • AA-290: Clustering job client_copy fails to download client installers through proxy
  • AA-238: Erroneous authentication prompt when disabling frontend caching via cache settings

Something To Note

All AppsAnywhere servers require an internet connection for normal operation. Please see the updated External Connection Requirements page for more information

Version 2.2.0

Released: 30th June 2017


  • Azure Active Directory single sign-on support (including Office 365 tile support)
  • Managed Cloudpaging upgrades
  • Third party client management
  • Locally installed apps detection
  • VMWare Horizon Integration (remote apps and desktops)
  • Moved AppsAnywhere client version management into AppsAnywhere
  • New Add Delivery Method screen to make it easier to find the suitable delivery method


  • Resolved issue causing double prompts for basic authentication following failed single sign-on attempt
  • Resolved issue with branding not working following v1 migration during setup
  • Resolved issue with delivery methods not being available on Windows Server operating systems
  • Resolved issue where Cloudpaging apps could not be launched from the Player if a user logged out of AppsAnywhere
  • Extended validation timeout from 21s to 60s to reduce the number of failures
  • Resolved issues with apps not being visible on unknown Linux distros
  • Updated GeoIP database

Version 2.1.1

Released: 13th April 2017


  • Removed duplicate calls to get-favorites API
  • Fixed timing issue stopping apps that required validation being re-contextualized once validation completes
  • Fixed issue with applications not being correctly marked as unavailable
  • Removed console logging by default to improve performance
  • Reduced the number of API calls required for fetching application details
  • Added scrolling to category and filter dropdowns
  • Updated method for rendering applications to improve performance in IE and Edge 
  • Reduced number of calls to update-icon API by combining requests
  • Split app list rendering into chunks to reduce wait time for initial view
  • Added conflict resolution for apps that are provisioned to the user AND the machine
  • Reduced number of context API calls for machine apps
  • Added caching to application dependency info to improve performance
  • Added fix for apps with dependencies that aren't correctly contextualized
  • Moved rendering of app totals until after all context has returned to avoid the perception of losing apps as they are marked as unavailable
  • Removed restriction icons from main app view - reducing page HTML by > 50% for IE and Edge performance
  • Simplified compatibility icons and favorites icon to further reduce HTML
  • Remove flexbox rendering to improve performance
  • Removed case sensitivity from app list sorting
  • Resolved issue expiring App Sessions (reported by Kingston)
  • Resolved issue with category information not being applied to machine-based apps (reported by Durham)
  • Resolved issue with converting Cloudpaging licenses to Offline enabled (reported by Oxford Brookes)
  • Resolved issue uploading app icons when system contains a large number of apps
  • Updated Geo-IP database

Version 2.1.0

Released: 14th February 2017


  • Support for deployment of SCCM and App-V packages via AppsAnywhere and Software Center
  • Improved caching of context data to increase front-end performance
  • Added ability to enable/disable/refresh system cache via admin
  • Various improvements to the installation/upgrade procedure
  • Added option for "BYOD only" restriction
  • Ability to deliver AppsAnywhere client downloads from within AppsAnywhere and manage 3rd party installed versions (centrally)


  • Performance improvements for reporting
  • Reporter general settings page still susceptable to IE bug
  • Current delivery method OS compatibilities not displayed on edit
  • Unable to switch Cloudpaging Environments when creating a delivery method
  • Dependencies not visible on the dependencies view when they should be 
  • Username incorrectly reported to Cloudpaging on app launch
  • Problems loading the dashboard in IE10
  • Validation required flag incorrectly set on MacOS
  • Validation does not occur in Safari
  • Validation banners should not be branded
  • Applications ordered by added date instead of alphabetically
  • Various UI bug fixes 

Version 2.0.2

Released: 13th January 2017


  • Added ability to customize portal branding with custom imagery and color scheme
  • Added ability to create custom themes for the interface by overwriting template files
  • Added checks and warnings for deleting applications or provisions when active app sessions exist


  • Issue with banner suppression on managed machines
  • "Use Cloudpaging license warnings" setting not being applied correctly
  • Updates to SSO settings to (finally) avoid the IE bug that stops forms submitting data!
  • WindowsInstall delivery option not launching applications properly
  • Healthcheck URL does not return the proper status code
  • Reinstated ability to delete applications and provisions
  • Current set OS compatibilities not reflected when editing a delivery method 
  • Multiple fixes for user interface bugs
  • Validation and application launches are not executed in Safari
  • Error caused by removing and immediately re-setting dependencies
  • Long page timeouts eventually cause Apache to crash on Windows

Version 2.0.1

Released: 7th December 2016


  • Added support for latest Windows & OSX versions
  • Support for native OSX application installs through AppsAnywhere
  • Support for launching locally installed applications through AppsAnywhere


  • Issue launching applications via RemoteApp delivery method
  • Improve page load performance when using SSO
  • Performance improvements for dashboard application load
  • Removed ability to delete applications to avoid an identified bug with existing app sessions not being handled correctly

Version 2.0.0 - Initial Release

Released: 19th October 2016


  • PHP 7, Zend Framework 3, Zend Server 9 support
  • Improved installation setup and configuration workflow
  • Single application entity, multiple deployment methods
  • Custom build local client
  • Delivery method contextualization
  • Smart prioritization
  • OSX support
  • AppsAnywhere brand